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In Legal Hot Water? Contact a Firm of Criminal Lawyers!

Have you been arrested and charged by police? Accused of a crime by an employer or fellow employee? Do you want confidential advice about an incident you were involved in? Criminal lawyers can help you out of a tough spot.

Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, knowledgeable criminal lawyers can advise you about your legal rights. A good legal practice will offer an honest initial assessment of your case and can tell you what to expect with regard to fees and the possible range of outcomes.

Good legal representation is essential where you have been charged with a crime; only a criminal lawyer can devise the right strategy for your situation. An experienced lawyer will know when to negotiate with prosecutors and when to go to trial. During sentencing, a good lawyer will make use of mitigating factors in the hope of minimising the penalty.

If you find yourself in legal hot water, don’t hesitate. Call a criminal lawyer now!
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 Sentencing in Criminal Cases


One of the goals of a criminal lawyer is to minimise penalties for his or her client during the sentencing phase. Whether the client has gone to trial or is negotiating a plea deal, sentencing is a crucial aspect of the case.


Aggravating and Mitigating Factors


Many points are taken into consideration during sentencing. Prosecutors will use aggravating factors to try to strengthen the sentence, but a good criminal lawyer will know how to use mitigating factors in order to try to reduce the penalty. Some mitigating factors include:


  •         A client’s record, previous to the incident.
  •         No violence was involved in the incident.
  •         No children or senior citizens were involved in the incident.
  •         Client acted out of need, not greed.
  •          Crime was not premeditated.
  •          Client had physical or mental difficulties at the time of the incident.
  •         Client cooperated with authorities, took responsibility for the crime, and feels remorse.
  •          Client is young and/or a good candidate for rehabilitation.
  •          Client has dependents and/or a job.



Don’t Delay!


If you have been charged with a crime, it’s very important to contact a criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Having legal representation from the outset can help with your defence strategy and avoid pitfalls.

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